White House versus Seal Team 6


More often than not, laws are used by the elite to punish or reward.

In the case of the Bin-Laden assassination, the President leaked classified information. A lot of data.

But, now Seal Team Six is being investigated and punished for releasing classified information.

The problem I have is two-fold, first, the President should not be able to do what the sailor or soldier cannot.

But, second (an even greater concern) is sailors and soldiers should NOT be punished when there is no evidence of a crime.

The sailors in question helped a video game. The report indicated you cannot tell there was classified used in the video.

So, the sailors (SEAL team members) used ‘open source’ information. Open source means anyone could know that information.

Using this new standard of criminal punishment ANY ONE IN THE MILITARY IS GUILTY …. EVERYONE deals with some form of ‘you are not supposed to tell anyone.’ And that same information is published by BBC, CNN, and others.

We are supposed to be able to discuss what is in the NEWSPAPERS….

Evidently, the current Administration is wanting us to be silenced ….



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