Here is your opportunity to catch up on all your video games.

Especially HALO.


Kristen Lamb's Blog

Ah, it’s the holiday season. My favorite time of year. Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful, and I hope you will take a moment to check out my Mansfield Magazine post Choosing an Attitude of Gratitude. We are supremely fortunate in this country, and I feel it is VERY important for us to count our many blessings. A roof over our head, plenty to eat, freedom, democracy…AND NEW VIDEO GAMES. My opinion? EA and EPIC games are Santa for grownups, and most of the best games are released this time of year.  Black Ops 2, Army of Two–The Devil’s Cartel (yeah, they had me at “Devil”), and the new HALO FOUR! This is my favorite season for many reasons, but gaming with my family is definitely a highlight.

I was not always this way.

Seven years ago, my brother told me of this device called the X-Box. I…

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