Going to a gun fight without a gun


I just re-blogged the gal who went to a riot in Jerusalem to see what would happen.

And she was surprised the riot police didn’t like protesters getting in their faces and starting a fight.

And WordPress thought that was a great blog.


An old Texas proverb: “NEVER GO TO A GUNFIGHT WITH A KNIFE.”

The blog did not make ANY sense. She left her University ‘graduate’ class and chose to go to see what would happen at a riot. That is what she wrote.

Then she complained about the poor rioters being out numbered by the police – but, her photos showed the opposite. Am I the only one who can count?

I immediately thought of reports about the Kent State riot. The poor National Guard were blamed when they shot back at the ‘unarmed’ rioters attacking them. After wounding a Sergeant, everyone was surprised the Guard shot back.

You are ‘unarmed’ and you can wound a Sergeant?

When there is a riot, GO THE OTHER WAY. At least 1200 meters (1300 yards). And behind a brick wall.

It does not make sense to me that we think we are entitled to ‘stupid.’ “You cannot fix ‘stupid.'” “You can fix broken.”

The Middle East is a mess. The broken parts we can fix.

But, you cannot fix people RUNNING to a riot. They are living for the ‘thrill of the kill.’ Literally. They are so tired of video games, they need a real gun-fight to get their blood going.


I go the other way.

“I want to live to fight another day.” Apache proverb.

How about you?

Do you want to live another day? Or, do you want to run to the fight?


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