I am in TROUBLE!


The last time I had a SURGE in readers like I am having today, WordPress began to shut my blog down. That was my old blog that is no longer available.

I cannot even logon to it.

For whatever reason, wordpress did not like my pages becoming popular. I hope this is not another one of those CRAZY rides.

But, if it is, I will try to get you a link to my next blog address.

I don’t think it will be wordpress.

Do you?


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7 Responses to I am in TROUBLE!

  1. Hope it goes well for you!

  2. dcexplores says:

    Why did they shut down your blog before?

    • It took about a total of six months.

      I blog about the truth; and I blog about traditional values.

      It seemed some people were very ‘offended’ I blogged about truth, and the best they could defend their new history with was confusion.

      At the same time, I noticed technical errors with the WordPress software. I reported the errors. A couple of people got rude, so I quipped back.

      Then I noticed some of my error reports disappeared. I reported those.

      And EVERYTHING went down hill from there.

      When they finally discovered I had an open service request, and I was using the ‘final link’ to try to get tech support, they closed that one down.

      Shortly after that, they reset my account; and required I log back in. My password no longer worked.


      Welcome to “BIG BROTHER.”

      I am working on new software programs to manage my blog. This experience was enough to make me sick.


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