War! What is it good for?


Say it again, “Absolutely nothing.”

I always find it ironic when ‘good’ people first encounter violence. All of a sudden they learn some good people become really bad people really quickly.

Why is it ironic to me?

My grand daddy taught me that before I was ten. And I just do not understand why so many Americans have unlearned the basics of human nature.

Vietnam was the third biggest fiasco the Democratic Party ever did.

First, was slavery. Second was Democrats backing the KKK.

And fourth may have been setting up Watergate …. But, that is for a different blog post.

Why is it that in modern America we believe war is good for something, and the Democrats are good for something?


Great book. Sadly, it is becoming TRUE. We are being programmed to think modern war can accomplish something.

Yes, I do realize the true purposes of warfare, but that has not been the purposes of war since the Korean Conflict.

What has war accomplished in the last 40 years? Besides a lot of kids dead, and wounded soldiers every where?

The Obama War is creating as many casualties (US) as did Vietnam, but I do not hear anyone complaining.

So, the sad fact is, “WAR” is good for creating casualties; making friends of the politicians very rich; making bystanders suffer; and making the middle class pay more in taxes.

Note: I wrote bystanders on purpose – there are NO civilians in a war-zone. IMHO.


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One Response to War! What is it good for?

  1. Amen to that. Check out my blog because I have started a story that is similar!

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