It is time for me to ramp up ANOTHER NEW blog. Word Press is behaving VERY BADLY.

How is it a software can be written in such a way as to behave in an evil manner?

I do not get it.

I would just say, “Oh well.”

But, isn’t true freedom of speech about not shutting up when others behave badly?

Wasn’t that what Hale meant when he said, “Give me liberty or give me death?”

Not this obscene ‘legislation from the bench’ assault upon America and what made her a great country, but patriotism, God, belief in God, and a belief that the common man could throw off the chains of the elite; the aristocracy; and the intelligentsia; these defined and made America a great country.

Wordy. Yes.

Awkward, I hope enough so, you have to think about what you read.

Then remember this.

85% of the people you know do not read. So, tell them about the need for true FREEDOM.


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6 Responses to WordPress is SO ACTING BADLY!

  1. Purnimodo says:

    but what.. happened???

    • The other blog, or this one?

      Things begin behaving erratically. You click a button, and it just takes a long time to commit the action. And another button click and the save happens at regular speed. Stuff like that.

      • Purnimodo says:

        Ah.. we all have that.. nothing to worry about.

      • Have you lost a rapidly growing blog because of it?


      • Purnimodo says:

        Well.. I had the same password problem and sometimes I loose a blog entry/comment for pressing too many buttons at once. I t drives me nuts. In essence you’re using a free service.. unless you pay for it I don’t see reason to complain that much. 😉

      • I WAS paying for the service ….


        And even a free-service costs me my time. When I blogged on MySpace, I constantly knew people who had their blogs deleted, because they violated the terms of service agreement (TOS). They grew by being outlandish.

        I grew by blogging. And it offends me a blogging software would target its bloggers ….

        But, I will be moving all my services to a new provider over time. That also costs time and money, but at least I will worry less about their ability to lock up more of my blogs and prevent my growing my blogs.

        And I am so glad this was not a client’s site …. I would be FURIOUS.

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