How to blog for all you are worth?


Do you know how much money the ‘top bloggers’ make?

Have you ever wondered how you can turn your passion for writing into cold hard cash?

Well …. I will write more about that in the future.

But, I want to focus on the writing part, not the cash part today. Because, what many bloggers do badly – is the writing!

Focus. A lot of times that really means keep one topic and write about and around that topic. You can get off topic a little, but come back to that topic.

Blogging is more like speaking than it is about writing a great novel – you can change the subject a little to let people relax as they read your blog. But, try to stay on one topic per blog post.

You notice I break that rule a lot? I might break it too much. But, I seldom write a sloppy blog which was not sloppy on purpose.

Seriously! I just wrote one: “Wallace yelled, “Freedom!”

I wrote about all sorts of things in that blog post, and I will dissect that post more in a future post.

Today, I truly want to focus on one aspect of blogging. And that is truly writing with a purpose. Write like you are worth reading. Write like you will change someone for the better.

Or, the worse, if you are evil – blogging is a powerful tool. As a reader, and as a writer, you should be aware some people abuse this tool. I hope and pray you are not one of them. But, life happens.

But, write with a purpose. When you do, it is easy to stay on a topic when you write, and it is easy for you to return to that topic when you have given your readers a reading break.

And then the second most important point to focus on when you are staying on topic:

Write often, all the time, whenever you can, and just for the fun of it, as well as write when you need to be serious and focused. This sounds like it would prevent you from staying on your topic and being focused.

And sometimes that will happen.

But, when you write a LOT, you begin to get your ‘voice.’ What you write has some style to it that you OWN. Personally, I love ‘parenthetical asides.’ I love to use commas, parenthesis, brackets, and ellipsis to break up a thought flow.

Sometimes I use the break to make the thought smoother, sometimes I do so to make the reader pause and think about what they just read.

And sometimes, I over use it and confuse people. When I am one of the people being confused by what I wrote, I re-write ….

Stay focused and write a LOT.


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1 Response to How to blog for all you are worth?

  1. Great instruction! May I use this post as a hand-out sheet for a Journalling workshop I’m supposed to lead next spring?
    P.s.: I never dreamed bloggers would make money. this sounds interesting! Will wait for that post.

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