WordPress is an experiment


Have you noticed in the bottom left corner of your blog’s dashboard these words, “An Automattic Experiment”?

I cannot believe professionals producing a product as EXPENSIVE as wordpress for as little as you get from the product would be so arrogant. But, they are.

I pay over $100 a year, I get no tech support.

And I think I provide them with advertising revenue – they are great at marketing. Why do I think that, when I pay for the no-ads version? I believe they count many if not all of my page views towards their website’s traffic, so they can generate more advertisement sales. Would you like to bet lunch that I am right?

I pay them, but they provide me with nothing.

I have a blog that is up without using ANY blog software.

Well. They have guts. Maybe not smarts, savvy, or capability, but they have guts.

What do you think is the best non-experimental blogging software?


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3 Responses to WordPress is an experiment

  1. ProSona says:

    hey ghost, can u give me ur email address. I have something to talk about writing

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