What does a confused Mexican look like?


I just read a post by a CNN reporter. Ruben Navarrette.

The first thing I noted was his last name. It is misspelled. The double ‘tt’ is not a ‘Spanish’ letter combination.

Then I looked at his photo.

He has that look Obama gets when he expects his opposition to succumb to his agenda. Jaw protruding angrily, and nose raised into the air.

Then Ruben wrote about his recent trip to Mexico. When he got to Mexico City, he claimed he did not know which immigration line to get into. But, he wrote he speaks the Spanish almost good enough for an interview.

HOW CONFUSED can someone be?

You are either a citizen of Mexico, or you are not.

I realize Southern California is a confusing place to grow up, but that is no reason for someone to be so confused they do not know their citizenship.

There are a lot of changes in America I do not like, or get. But, not knowing if you are American, and misunderstanding you ARE an elitist member of the new intelligentsia is at the very best ignorant.

But, few educated ‘Mexicans’ are ignorant. Some are ‘puro mexicano,’ others ‘tonto,’ and a few racist. But, ignorance and educated Mexican do not go together. IMHO.

Simply, ignorance of history is an Elitist attitude. Only ‘intelligentsia’ behave in that manner. Again, IMHO.

I get tired of it.

Chicano? I understand and do not appreciate, but it does make sense. So, I understand it.

Mexican? That is very easy to understand.

‘Intelligentsia?’ I can understand where they came from and what they represent, but I DO NOT LIKE THEM ….

But, maybe? Could it be he is not part of the intelligentsia? And, maybe he is really ‘tonto.’

And if that was the case, it would explain his misusing the Spanish language, Mexican history, and it would explain his prejudice.

It is sad.

Some of my family were sold to the colonies. My 4th great-grandfather was a Mexican, and some ancestors were Native.

I do not have a problem with my nationality. I do not like what the USA is doing, but that does not affect my knowledge of who I am.

Or, should it?

Should I become an angry and confused American?


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