Christmas in Italy?


I see the symptoms of the new world order everywhere here.

Unlike Austria where Christmas is still celebrated and cold. Italy is warm, but there is very little ‘Christmas’ anywhere.

Propaganda taught me ‘Socialism’ was good, and God was bad. Socialism would not lead to the loss of God in our culture.

But, you can sure see it here in Italy. The last 50 Socialist years have deteriorated even this Catholic stronghold ….

Now you still see people at the Vatican. But, not the 6 and 8 hour events shown on news broadcasts. Our ‘line’ was very short, and moved very quickly.

Security, yes security to go into the Vatican, as the longest wait. And yes, in this sick world, the Vatican, Saint Peter’s Cathedral, must be protected from the sick world around us.

It should scare you when a Cathedral must lock its doors to protect it from criminals …. It scares me.

Does it scare you?


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