What is wrong with a nuclear war?


I hate to be so obvious, and maybe blunt, but what is wrong with Nuclear War?

First, what is a war? Well, it is supposed to be the final political tool for negotiating.

Forget the ObamaNam going for a decade after he promised to bring soldiers home. That is a function of the Military-Industrial Complex owning our president – IMHO.

Yep. The computers spying upon American Citizens now know I am BACK ….

But, it is the final tool to be utilized in negotiating … Supposed to be the final tool.

OK, if war is the final tool, then wouldn’t Nuclear War be the final solution?

So, wouldn’t Nuclear War be good?

Think about it.

A Nuke or Two on top of Saddam Hussein would have saved maybe 100,000 lives in Iraq?

If the numbers of civilians killed are reliable.

But, aren’t we supposed to want to save lives?

Or, are we more concerned with appearances?

We are taught that Nuclear War is bad, but ‘War’ is good?

How are the more than one-hundred and fifty thousand wounded warriors ‘GOOD?’ Check this out!

So, where are our real priorities?

Lives, or image?

Nuclear war is not THAT bad, or is it?

Is it possible that War is truly evil? Sometimes necessary, but always an evil?

What do you think?


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6 Responses to What is wrong with a nuclear war?

  1. Lyn Leahz says:

    I think that God hates war, although, as seen in the Bible, it is sometimes necessary. Just as Joshua and the Israelites were commanded by God to go in and take places out and establish them. King David had to go to war many times, and God always, when David was faithful, supplied a spiritual army of heavenly hosts…. which was why God got mad when David took a census..he was relying on numbers more than his faith in God.

    We also see war in the Revelation. We know that there will be much war and bloodshed. God desires everything as it was before the fall of man..but for now, Satan has been given a certain amount of power until he is finally defeated.

    The best way to put it is this: War is never desirable, however, it is, at times, unfortunately (due to the corruption of the flesh) a necessary evil. Nuclear war is awful, however, if we get rid of our nukes, we will be destroyed by someone else’s. So what to do?

    • Well said.

      I pray our soldiers get to come home …. finally.

      Especially from Vietnam …. 🙂

      Ooops. The ‘Company’ knows again, I know too much.


      • Lyn Leahz says:

        😉 My brother is a Captain and Chaplain in the US ARMY. What really worries me (knowing we’re not supposed to worry!) is that when the chip does indeed become forced, it will probably hit those in the medical industry and military first. Those who deny it in the military, I’m sure, will be punished severely. My brother is a born again, Spirit-filled man of God.

      • I am afraid you are correct, they are forcing Christians against their will.

        They force them to sleep and shower with homosexuals …. even as offensive as that is …. even knowing how predatory homosexuals are, they ignore the data already. It is only time until they openly persecute Christians ….

        Where did your brother go to seminary?

      • Lyn Leahz says:

        I’m not sure where he went. He’s always living in another state, and I rarely see him. He and I have never been real close. As soon as he graduated, he was off to the ARMY. He was in IRAG, got hit by a roadside bomb, but was okay. He did see a lot of his friends get killed. One a.m. he had breakfast with a friend and then saw that same friend, later that day, get his head blown off. Horrible.

      • Our troops are truly fighting another Vietnam …. But, somehow the progressives have controlled the media so we do not hear about it …..

        I pray for our soldiers.

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