Who are we at war with?


I get a special front row seat to our wars.

I live part-time in San Antonio, Texas.

I met a soldiers wounded in Vietnam …. and yes, an Army Nurse was listening, so if he lied, and the nurse let him lie, they were both subject to Courts-Martial.

And then I met many, many more.

Our soldiers, sailors, and airmen are subject to the greatest military deployment in HISTORY.

GREATER THAN WW2 …. But, our news ignores the reality.

If I can find out, how can our media not know? If they know, why do they ignore?

From what I have been told, we are currently conducting military operations in at least 12 countries WITHOUT DECLARING WAR …. That is UNCONSTITUTIONAL ….

Bring my soldiers home.

Replace them with your soldiers – politicians, reporters, actors, and homosexuals ….

Sorry if that offends you.

But, I am offended by the agenda ….. are you?



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