Kiev Monastery Caves – The Lavra


If you ever get a chance to go.


I enjoyed this better than the Vatican. It is way more than just ‘caves.’

Don’t miss the Vatican. But, do go to this UNESCO world heritage site.

It was not expensive. It was Soviet era quirky. I.e., there is a government run microscopic museum – you HAVE to see it to believe it. I think that was a dollar.

There is almost a square mile of buildings, underground catacombs, etc.

And most of the ‘cathedrals’ were beautiful. It was well worth it. And I think, it was significantly better than Saint Sofia’s. My guide said it was named for Hagia Sofia in Istanbul taken from Christians by Islamic Fundamentalists.

There were MANY buildings. And even if there had only been two, it would have been beautiful.

Website about Lavra in English.

Lavra Website.

If you are not into beautiful buildings and history, this is not for you. And if you do not admit what you like before you get there, you may not like this site. But, if you love beautiful old buildings and history, this place was awesome!

Take a native speaker with you – so you are aware of the customs …. It is a place to be respectful ….

Merry Christmas,


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