Speculators target France – when will they target USA?

I have written about this for years.

Greece? A problem.

Spain? Not a problem made into a problem.

France and Germany? Not a problem – now they are making them into problems.


FOUR YEARS of 1% to 3% interest rates on long term investments has made the rich POOR. They cannot spend 5% to 8% of their money each year, and still grow their money like they want to.

BBC Article on France.


They are worried the French Socialists will not tighten up their spending. They did not INCREASE spending 30% ….

Who was worse than any of the European countries THREE years ago?


Who INCREASED spending 30%?


WHAT COUNTRY is their real target?

The ENTIRE EU is slightly bigger than the USA. They are slowly moving toward targeting the US debt …. They are letting Obama spend more and spend more, until they decide to INCREASE our interest rates …..

I am not surprised.

Are you?


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