What should a young father do?


A young father is taking the mother of his child to see an ObamaCare pre-natal specialist. He does not like doctors, but she assured him, “It is FREE! And it is safe.”

On the way to the doctor they are listening to the radio. The music is interrupted. They hear sirens. The emergency warning is being broadcast over the radio.

He pulls over to let a police cruiser run through a red light.

He looks at the love of his life. He is confused.

Honestly? He is a little scared.

He looks back at the intersection. An eighteen-wheeler pulling a gasoline tank is trying to stop and not hit the police cruiser.

The announcer comes across the air waves, “We are sorry to interrupt this broadcast. But, there is an active shooter at our elementary school. Please do NOT go near the school. We have unconfirmed reports he has killed a dozen people. Mostly children.”

John looks at Mary and says, “I am taking you to the Elementary School. You and our baby will be safer there than at the pre-natal counseling.”

More infants die each year in their mothers’ wombs than from ALL other causes.

Do you want my guns?


What do you think?


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