Biden decides to ban water.


It is TRUE. Joe Biden came to his senses and realized the threats to children are water, cell phones, and medicine.

So he will ban them all.

No. Biden will never come to his senses.

More than twice as many children drown as are killed by people misusing guns. Most children (people) killed by guns are killed accidentally.

Intentional gun killings account for less than HALF the murders in the USA – many gun killings are shootings by the police. Many more are self-defense. But, anti-gun terrorists do not want you to know the truth.


Drownings kill twice as many children as guns do.

Cell phones kill as many or more children as do guns (while driving).

Medicine? Iatrogenic death is the leading cause of death in America. And Iatrogenesis is the LEADING CAUSE of disability – OK, that is my hunch. They really do NOT discuss that statistic. But, I live it.


TWO MILLION times last year, guns were used to stop violent attackers ….

96% of all shootings are within 20 feet. 92% of all victims who are prepared to use a gun for self-defense are SUCCESSFUL.

20% of victims who are not prepared are successful – criminals are successful 80% of the time against the NOT-prepared to use a gun. The success rate of criminals is close to the same for an un-armed, or a not prepared to use the gun but armed, victim.

Criminals (& other terrorists) are seldom successful …. a 20% success rate would not inspire me to become a criminal and victimize the innocent.

But, prepared gun owners have a 90+ percent success rate defending themselves against attackers ….


Do I want to protect children. YES. Are some of the two million times each year a gun is used to protect children?


A Black Magazine reports on the need for guns. Incredible to listen to. She is scared. But, her husband calmly coached her to protect herself and children.

Anyone who claims to be a Patriotic American must (IMHO) defend America against the progressive HATE.

Progressives want to take guns away from us. They want us to all BE VICTIMS ….

SIX minutes into the call, police ARE STILL NOT ON SITE …. There has been a shooting, there have been multiple calls ….

At 7:27 another scared woman calls. Still NO POLICE.

At 8:00 minutes NO police.

NINE MINUTES no police …. TEN MINUTES and 20 seconds and you can hear the siren.

EIGHT minutes AFTER the attacker went after a woman and her two children.

BTW that is SLOW response time. National average is around SIX minutes – shooting does not matter. Shootings usually get faster response times. That is SLOW.

How long do you want to wait for Biden/Obama to send someone to protect you?

While someone is attacking you? Raping someone you love?

My ancestors KNEW there was a reason to protect us against evil. And they wrote it into the SECOND AMENDMENT.

The USA has the lowest violent crime rate among the major western nations – THE LOWEST CRIME RATE.

But, they want to take away our guns, so we will be EASY TARGETS.

They HATE us. They HATE the USA. IMHO.

What is your opinion?


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