You MUST love it.

If you do not include ‘diversity’ then you must have a racial problem underneath your story line.


Whatever happened to the BUYER?

When did one billion Chinese and one billion Indians move to America to BUY AMERICAN COMIC BOOKS?

GET for real. The mainline comics played with African American story lines. They played with other racial groups ….

Note: you gotta love this guy calling Chinese ‘Asian.’

OK, what happened to BRUCE LEE? I forgot, he was a figment of my imagination. He NEVER LIVED, AND HE NEVER starred in a TV show called the ‘Green Hornet.’

I love how this author REWROTE history and implied RACISM was running amuck when it was NOT THERE. It was market forces.

And for 50 years, progressives have controlled the market direction. And instead of being inclusive and including more minorities, they have pushed the homosexual agenda on us all ….

But, that is a completely different blog ….

Enjoy. He did make a couple of good comments.


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