Why do feminists hate me?


Another woman was gang raped in India.

Yet, in America, I was told growing up how bad men were in the USA. Our incidence of rape and violence to women was ONE THIRD what it is now. And our incidence is still less than India ….. or China, or …. a dozen other countries.


Why were we depicted as evil?

Why was I?

I took a woman to an abuse shelter – SCARY. But, I tried. I tried to be part of the solution, because I believed they might be correct.

They were using ‘science’ to support their claims, right?


It was a PR campaign to change American Society. It was designed to take power from one group and give it to another group.

POWER …. not problem solving.

So, it is no surprise to me that in America we have an exploding problem with violence. We WERE PROGRAMMED for this. Since they did not care about solving the problems they made, they readily took the power, and money. But, they intentionally ON PURPOSE refused to fix the problems they were making.

Now American women are little safer than women in India. Do not misunderstand me, women in America still have guns for self defense. And they use those guns in record numbers – and they often save themselves.

But, why was it necessary? Why was endangering ALL people necessary, so some women would have MORE power?

I do not know.

But, it is scary to see fear in the faces of so many women when I meet them …. they have everything to fear from the feminists who control them, but they fear good men instead.

How could we ever change that back to traditional and safe values?

I do not know.

Do you?


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2 Responses to Why do feminists hate me?

  1. sally1137 says:

    I got a heaping spoonful of hate from feminists last week too. The first time I experienced hate for voicing an opinion, I was horribly upset and actually left Facebook because of it. Last week it surprised me, but I wasn’t upset. I’ve decided to consider the illogical unrestrained hating a badge of honor. I won’t troll, but I will not be bullied by it.

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