Why do progressives win the culture war?

Have you noticed how different America is now from what it was?


Well, that much is easy, social experimentation …. unfortunately, it is often called ‘freedom of’ something. Freedom of expression, speech, etc. But, the reality is simple. The same progressives who were experimenting in England during our Revolutionary War eventually won the battle in Britain. Soon their experimentation came to America.

That experimentation led to many things, and explosion of new Universities to replace the older liberal ones; changing value systems; an increase in lawsuits; programming students in Universities (you pass the test my way, or you flunk); and of course ‘free sex.’

Some say this was all the result of new technology. And yes, birth control was new technology. But, the experimentation to develop the technology was PROGRESSIVE ….

Traditional Americans did not see a need for new birth control. Marriage gave a safe and comfortable life-style without the risks of birth control.

So, why did they start winning?

They were actively promoting violence and racism (KKK, abortion to eliminate the blacks, and many other ‘sins’). So, why did such ‘evil’ win?


The elite waged a PR campaign.

None of the negative was focused upon. None of the consequences. None of the women being abused and forced into sexual slavery was discussed until AFTER the social change was already upon us.

Four times as many women are brutalized today as in 1950 …. How is that a ‘win?’

Can we go back?


But, we all have to choose to want to go back to a better life-style. IMHO.

What do you think? Can the PR campaign be reversed?


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