And I thought absolutism was contrary to most Scientific thought.

OK. Jerry brings up his having read the Bible in King James – and that is an accomplishment. Congratulations on that.

However, he wrote his reason was to be able to argue against the Bible. And only to argue against.

Does that speak against his motive? Or, for his motive?

I find that disturbing …. how do we get past prejudice and hatred if we must suspect a Scientist’s motive? Can we?


OK, I had gone to Jerry’s blog to ask him a question about my recent blogs about ‘motivation’ for or against believing in Evolution. I was surprised to read he had read the Bible, just so he could argue against it. At least that seemed to be the walk away.

Why Evolution Is True

Well,  Mondays don’t get much better than this: I’ve become a meme-let and subject of a Facebook exchange, and now, over at Choice in Dying, Uncle Eric MacDonald has written a post about my having finished the Bible: “C0ngratulations, Jerry Coyne!”  Of course being Uncle Eric, he reminds me that I’ve omitted 9 books from the Ethiopian canon and 11 from the Western canon, but for now I’m satisfied with the King James version. I’m going to reread the Qur’an, but somehow I quail at having to read the Book of Mormon.

Eric has read the Bible four times (he was once an Anglican priest), but gave up the last time after reading just the Torah (the first five books of the Old Testament). He adds:

Jerry deserves our congratulations for persevering to the end, though, to be frank, the only reason for doing something like this…

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