Is life a miracle?


What is it about life?

Is it a miracle? Or, is it easy and common?

If it is easy and common, then why isn’t life found on the Moon, or on Mars?

Is life an accident, like some scientists claim? Some scientists do claim there is a God. I know some of these scientists.

But, is it an accident of nature? Did life just happen?

Did life begin without the sun? Some scientists think so.

So, if life started as an accident, can’t ‘scientists’ recreate that process in the lab?

NO. And they have tried many times.

So far, life is a great miracle. And scientists CANNOT create life from non-life.

I would think that alone is a miracle ….

Do you?


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2 Responses to Is life a miracle?

  1. Debilis says:

    I’ve always felt that life is a miracle, and would still be so no matter how common or how well we could describe it scientifically.
    In any case, best to you.

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