I have read thousands of blogs.

I have read hundreds of ‘Freshly Pressed’ blogs.

This one of the few blogs which actually got my attention.


First, is the stunning photograpy.

Second, the writer gives you knowledge without judging you as the reader. So, you do not read things contrary to your views. And your views are not put down.

Thirdly, the photographer/blogger admits how big a problem being a tourist with a camera can be.

Great blog.

Worth viewing, sharing, and definitely reading.


Through eye and lens

You can see more of my images at

It has been a long time since I blogged any of my international work. So this will be a bit of a catch up edition I guess. Some of the shooting I’ve done this last year has been very different then in previous years. I was also asked to do a lot of interviews, to get stories to go with the photos. I’d like to share some of them with you as well. This year I had the incredible fortune of working with Tearfund, an international humanitarian organization based out of London England.

First set I would like to share are some images from some recent trips to the UK, the first was for field work. Collecting samples for my masters, the other was just for travel sake. I extended a photo trip and did some travel in North Ireland and England.


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