American Universities are in decline.


When I started my University Studies, American Universities were the pride of the world.

I ended up at a third tier University and received a great education. Professor Hanak taught me things which I STILL remember.

“If I wanted to compete at one of those top Universities, I would have to publish every couple of years or perish. Here? I publish once, and they think I am so great! I get the best of both worlds. I am a professor. I did publish, and very few of my colleagues ever publish if they are not at a top school. I love it here.”

OK. That is an old conversation. Forgive me if it is not word for word.

But, it is close to what was said.

Think about that. He grew up under COMMUNISM. He KNEW Truth, Logic, Mathematics, and Foreign Languages.

And he did not mind telling you he did NOT know everything.

I do not know everything either.

But, he was willing to discuss what we disagreed upon.

I compare that with my many American style professors …. “You agree with me, or you fail.”

How many times have I heard something along those lines?

How long can America really pay to educate the world, and not our people? How long can America push the academic elite upon the world stage and not expect the elite to cost us dearly?

FOR 50 years America has educated the elite from the Muslim world. We got 9-11 in return.

Honestly? We should have learned from that …. our era of academic greatness is rapidly declining. We no longer ‘research’ unless paid huge CONSULTING fees.


But, that is what much of American academia has become. A profit center.

And all students suffer. But, American students are the ones I worry about – we are paying a heavy price to watch the next generation of students be taught to fail.



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