Bad English.


I gotta love a good insult on occasion. And I was given several insults last night.

And I am off to Russian class, so this was quickly composed – sorry for any bad English …. which Dan might use to infer I am not a ‘native speaker.’

“I’ve read several of your posts the last few days …. Just a friendly suggestion, if people can tell English is your second language from your writing then you probably shouldn’t criticize other people for their English.”

First, and to be fair to me, I did not criticize ‘their English.’

I criticized HIS writing. If he claims to be a Professor of Evolution, he should be academic in his polemic.

And honestly?

His arguments should be understandable. A polemic is a fancy way of saying argument. But, if I am going to CLAIM to be a great researcher in my ‘field’ how would I prove that I am great?

“By writing in Bad English so no one can prove me wrong?”

Graduate assistants write badly …. A professor? Is it possible? Yes. Do I believe it is a professor writing so badly?


Dan? Bad writing is not a way to further your cause, in Religion, in Politics, in the art of seduction, or in the ‘academic’ world.

But, writing un-intelligibly is the manner of weak intelligence. WHY do so MANY weak minded people end up in academia? BECAUSE, weak minds give meaning to the saying, “Those who can’t do, teach.”

NOTE: I am not targeting all academia, or all teachers.

BUT, if you cannot frame a solid argument without attacking the people who object, you do not have a logical argument.

YOU have a STREET disagreement.

If all you have to support your cause, and your famous professor, are street arguments then, please, do not say you are supporting Evolutionary Theory.


Say “I am supporting an aggressive style. And I hope aggression might persuade someone to believe in Evolution.”

My second language?

¿Puedes leer?

So, now I ask? Who is the blogger on your blog?

Prove to me that Jerry is the real blogger and not a fake? Prove that is NOT A FAKE blog about Evolution.



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