What if Evolution was true?


I know I spend a lot of time thinking about Evolution.

But, Evolution is the dominant political view in the world today. Said differently, the elite of our world expect everyone to follow their evolutionary ideas.

So, I should understand what Evolution is about.

But, what if Evolution was true?

This question goes to my blog about not wanting Evolution to be true.

If Evolution was true, many dictators did a great job for their people. Not because they were right. Not because the people did better.

But, because they exercised POWER.

“Survival of the fittest” is all about what has the power. If it has power, it is fit and survives. If it does not have power, then it is weak and it dies off.

If Evolution is true, how can we condemn a Saddam Hussein? How do we decide who has a right to rule in this world?

Who has a right to be the elite?


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4 Responses to What if Evolution was true?

  1. Evolution isn’t a political position or ideology. It’s a description of how biological systems change over time. It in no way endorses or promotes particular actions.

  2. Evolution is a theory. Just as gravity is a theory. Its just as true. Survival of the fittest otherwise known as Darwinism is totally different and even though it still applies today its on a different scale. Thousands of bloodlines end everyday. While we sit around on our computers, driving in our cars and talking on our cell phones people are dying. You and I are more likely to procreate and continue our bloodline and continue evolving than these people dying of disease and starvation. So in fact survival of the better off exists.

    • Thank you.

      I would correct your observation if I may.

      Gravity has observable results. Outside of forced mutations in laboratories, there is little to indicate ‘evolution’ answers what we observe in the real world.

      You may assume that the slight correlations result in your faith in Evolution.

      But, I should also be able to admit my assumption that Evolution just does not seem to be happening around us.

      Shouldn’t i?

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