What was a miracle to me?


One of you challenged me. I always love an intellectual challenge. It is like reading Science Fiction. It stimulates my mind. And I LOVE THAT!

But, I am also a skeptic.

So, I appreciate others who are skeptic, and fair.

I have experienced a few miracles in my lifetime.

And our skeptic friend is correct, a miracle in my life is only an anecdote to me and those who believe like I do. A Muslim would not consider what I experienced when I accepted Jesus as my God a valid experience. And most other people would not either.

However, I have been through several im-probable anecdotal experiences. One of significance happened while I was in college (University).

I was driving to my morning class. I was early. I was not in a rush. I was listening to a beautiful song. The song was “Praise the Lord” by the Christian Rock Group The Imperials.

A voice, or impression, said, “Slow down and praise me.”

I laughed. And I gently argued with the Presence I assumed was God. Then I laughed again. I pushed in the clutch on my Old Ford F-100 pickup. It had been my grandfather’s pickup. And I had placed a huge dent on the passenger side of the pickup bed.

That dent would be a different early morning story.

At that moment in time, I was at the base of a small hill. Not more than 10 feet tall. The rise was fun to jump. And it was surrounded by brush on both sides.

And it had a rail road track on top of it.

The overall length of the road at the rise was not more than 30 feet.

Because I had pushed in the clutch, the speed of my truck was quickly bleeding off.

I was enjoying the music. But, I knew I would not get a good jump over the tracks. I felt a slight disappointment that I would not get the rush I enjoyed from that jump. As that feeling was rising in my mind, a train came out of the brush.

I immediately slammed on the brake and came to a stop.

I said out loud, “God I am sorry. I should have been paying more attention and not had the music so loud. I would have heard the train.” And then I listened to the train as it ran over the tracks. I did not turn down the music. Because I realized the train was much louder than my music. And I knew the train had never hit its horn.

I knew without that warning, I would have been hit by the train.

For years, I would drive towards that intersection and try to convince myself I had seen the train through some mystical reflection. Or, maybe I had seen it through the trees. About a mile away, I almost convinced myself you could see the train through the trees …. But, when I got to the tracks that day, a train was stopped on the tracks. When that train started moving, it proved that the train would have been visible if I could have seen through the trees.

I was never able to find an angle which would allow me to see the train before I got to the tracks. My scientific curiosity wanted to believe the voice I heard was merely my subconscious saving me from what it had seen.

I was not able to justify to my scientific curiosity this was a subconscious experience. I could not reproduce a physical point of view which would allow physical stimuli to solve what I had experienced.

There are other miracles in my life. But, I would dismiss a miracle from your life if your miracle was similar to some of my other miracles.

So, I expect you might dismiss those.

As we used to say in Mathematics, as the numbers get larger, the probability approaches zero. Therefore, for all purposes, the probability of a different explanation can be assumed to be zero.

Evidently, someone else was not so ‘lucky.’ The brush was cleared away, and a stop sign put in place.

Does my miracle change your life?

I do not know. But, it changed my life.


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