Why do I want to believe in the Big Bang?

Why do I?


I love Science Fiction.


Yes, that is my main reason. But, I will define that better; so you understand why I think that way.

I am a dreamer. I have dreamed with many authors as they travelled the galaxy (mostly the Milky Way Galaxy). Occasionally, an author would travel more than just our Galaxy, but those authors moved into Science Fantasy real quick.

I do not like Fantasy. But, I love Science Fiction.

It allows me to dream at full force.

If I am dreaming about killing off bad guys from a difference alien race, there are no moral issues to deal with as I dream.

It is sad we have so many young men and women today dreaming about killing off other people …. and yes, that was a political aside.

But, it allows me to dream.

I will mention one author, ERB. And I will describe one of his story lines from his Pellucidar Series.

Oh. You do know all about him, you just know about his lessor works. Edgar Rice Burroughs also wrote Tarzan. ERB’s Pellucidar Series was my favorite.

It is a fun trip into the center of the Earth, where a nuclear orb heats the center of our Earth and illuminates an almost pre-historic wonderland. The hero of each book gets to travel, adventure, and of course rescue damsels in distress.

I used to lose myself in the ‘fictive dream.’

Well, if the Big Bang is true; then we CAN travel faster than light (*).

And if we can travel faster than light, all of my dreams may come true.

Yes, it is a romantic notion. And it is a quest. A childhood dream if you will. But, still a quest.

Do you have any dreams you would like to come true?


(*) Ironically, faster than light travel is required for the Theory to work, but faster than light is ‘impossible.’ And you thought Science Fiction was strange? Try Science.

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