Change Agent

I am now a change agent. I want to become the change I need to see in others.

I want them to either change for good, or to burn themselves out.

A century of progressive activists have promised us change.

They gave us huge debt; global warming; broken families; genetically mutated foods; and much more in their quest to evolve humanity into a better world.

I want to teach all the progressive activists to burn themselves out like forest fires.


Because America needs to heal from a century of progressive damage.

They burned out our families. So, now our families are a disaster.

They burned our men and women, so now, they can claim up to 30% of our children will experiment with homosexuality.

They infected our young people with depression. So, people have a desire for drugs so they can self medicate.

They scared progressive activists into BURN out, so they grab guns and go kill people ….

Yes, I want people to change and become healthy American Citizens.

Citizens seeking change in Washington. Outsourcing the politicians and replacing them with Patriots.

If need be, start a forest fire, and let America re-grow new healthy growth over the next 20 years.

Because the wasteful Change we were given will cost us 30 trillion dollars of new debt over the next 20 years.

Let us change back to low drug use; healthy families; almost no government debt; lower taxes; much lower mental health issues; and lower gun violence.

Let us get rid of the ‘modern’ broken way, and let us return to the traditional American values which worked, and are tried and true.

What do you think?

Can we change back in time to save America?


Zoe Weil

I’m traveling a lot this month, so please enjoy this repost from 11/17/10.

There’s a metaphor I like to use when talking to fellow activists. I ask them to imagine two fires. The first is a campfire in an opening in the woods. The fire is warm and bright and draws people toward it. They are eager to find a place around the fire, and their beautiful faces glow in the reflected light. They feel good. There is nowhere they’d rather be. The second is a forest fire. It blazes hot and out of control, everyone – people and animals alike – flees.

Each of us has a fire inside of us. It is the fire of our passions and our beliefs, and all of us who are activists know it well. It is the fire that spurs us to learn about what is happening on our planet…

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