Death in the West.


I found a blog which really scared me.

A single mother willing to throw away her life savings and her soul …. Scary words to choose. She claimed to be a writer. So, those words should have some value to her.

Here is what I wrote to her:

I know you expect warm and fuzzy congratulations.

What is female empowerment? Is it a goal? Is it a destination? What will it look like? Will it abort baby boys to make up for the girls aborted in China? How much damage must be done to society before women like yourself feel ‘loved?’

I just hope and pray you will love your child enough to find him or her a good father.


I will ask the question.

Why do you “want” to be a single mother so badly you will “throw away your life savings and your soul?” Your words should scare you as much as they scare me.

Is single motherhood worth that?

And if it is worth it? What is the “it” that makes it valuable?

Statistically, single parent children are at least 100% more likely to become violent offenders and end up in jail. And they are much more likely to suffer depression.

Why is traditional marriage such an anathema (hated thing)? Why would you raise a child with greater risk of social problems and mental health issues?

Why would you claim to love the child, and destine the poor child to a much poorer lifestyle?

I spent ten years in the Military defending people’s ‘rights’ to do crazy things.

So, what if, I lead 100 of your friends into combat – you can choose where. And I tell you, “I guarantee my new super duper special training is better than the old hard training. It is so great, twice as many of your friends will die; and many more than that will come home ruined for life.”

Would I be a great leader of social change? Or, would you make me an anathema? Would you beg your friends not to follow me?

Find a good father. It will be much more difficult now you are growing another man’s baby. That is true.

But, it was already difficult for you to find a good man, because you believe men are not valuable.

Men are valuable. And for tens of thousands of years great men have been great fathers and husbands.

You would not be here without that (your) family history.



Here are her ‘Tags:’

Baby, Choosing single motherhood, Donor conception, Early pregnancy, Female empowerment, Finding out you are pregnant, Hope, IVF, Memoir, Pregnancy, Solo mother by choice, Trying to conceive, Women’s rights, Writer

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4 Responses to Death in the West.

  1. shiggs91 says:

    Whoa, can you point out the link where “single parent children are at least 100% more likely to become violent offenders and end up in jail”? Because I have to disagree with that completely.

    • Thank you for your comment.


      Having studied sociology for some time, I have found nothing to disagree with that.

      So, I find it interesting you would immediately ‘feel’ otherwise.

      But, I think that would be an excellent example of how much we have been programmed by the progressive agenda to feel that they are right in evolving us.


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