Reduce violence, outlaw single parent homes.


I was challenged by a commenter about my claim that single parent homes raise more criminals than do traditional family homes.


I thought the problem was a noticeable difference.


The difference is HUGE.

While I can still find data indicating a doubling of crime rates. The clinical study I found indicated that the affect of single parenting upon criminal behavior was EIGHT to ONE compared to traditional family ….. Dissertation clinical study.

General news reports report that criminal behavior is NINE times more likely from single parent children. Report here.


“Why are we so complacent?”

Why don’t we as a people, American, world wide, anywhere, everywhere, “Why don’t we as people resist being programmed by the progressive agenda and their lies?”

It is TRULY LIKE THE BOOK 1984. We are being programmed to believe lies.

Not only does Biblical history teach us better, but CURRENT psychology teaches us better. FAMILY is IMPORTANT to a better society.

Why do evolutionist progressives program us to believe the human race can evolve into better people through the education and the rule of law when they should be able to do the same research I have done? WHY?

I think it is the same reason we faced in 1890 and 1910 and 1935 ….. But, that would be a different blog topic.

Can we teach men, boys, girls, and women the true value of MEN IN THE FAMILY?

Will you help me get the word out?


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2 Responses to Reduce violence, outlaw single parent homes.

  1. sally1137 says:

    Men, especially white men are anathama to leftists. Those hardworking selfish bastards have to be subdued!

    Remember those 1960’s stories where black people were required to step into the street so that white people could pass? Well, it’s not a color thing anymore. It’s a gender thing.

    My husband and I were walking into the mall (Apple store, he desperately needed a cable) and on a narrowing sidewalk, we met two young (white) women. The Patient Husband and I were walking side by side, so I stepped over ahead of him to give them room to meet us.

    Neither one of them narrowed their path, either to accomodate us or even to acknowledge we were nearby. And the sidewalk was narrowing pretty abruptly.

    PH is UNFAILINGLY polite, especially to ladies. But apparently, he’d had enough. And apparently these weren’t ladies. Instead of stepping aside into the mud as he normally would have done in the past, he stopped. And just planted himself. He used to be a defensive end in high school.

    She just bounced right off him and took the Lord’s name very loudly. He didn’t say a word, just started walking again.

    I’m not advocating violence, or even impoliteness. But darned if men don’t have every right to stand up for themselves.

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