Traditional family


Why is it so many progressives want us to believe they have a newer better method of family?

Whether it is no fathers; or two homosexuals together; they want us to believe traditional family is the cause of our problems.

Traditional families produced a much smaller set of problems than does our ‘modern family’ attitude.

We need a reset.

We need 40 years of healing. At least 40 years.

But, I do not know if we will get the healing we need. Instead, I think they will lobby for more control and produce more violence.

And continue to blame it all on old white men ….

And to think, “Until recently, they all had a father (donor) somewhere.” It makes me wonder how their fathers feel about all of their hatred of men ….

How about you?


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One Response to Traditional family

  1. sally1137 says:

    Well, of course. They’re intellectuals, so they must be smarter and know better.

    I went on a diatribe about this earlier tonight.

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