Finally, something worth reading off of Freshly Pressed!

I know some of my readers will find that arrogant. But, if you read FP as often as I do, you know you need to do search fro profanity before you read.

Nothing personal, but I am a little old fashioned. Porn is not a ‘right’ it is a profit center. And it profits off of people just like this corporation Corrina interviewed Gregor about.

Why do so many greedy industrialists get away with their greed? I do not know.

But, Corrina and Gregor show us the dirty underside of coal mining in Africa. How people are just moved out of the way without any rights to their own land.

Just to make way for another resource grab from the people.

I had thought that the ‘American Century’ had brought us too much of that. But, I am stunned to read about how badly things go for the average African during this new century.

I honestly thank God I was born in the USA when we still had true opportunity.

How about you? What does Globalization make you feel like?


Africa is a Country (Old Site)

Promised Land is the title of the German photographer Gregor Zielke’s feature about the relocation of 700 families in Mozambique’s Tete province to make space for the Brazilian company Vale’s construction of the Southern Hemisphere’s second largest coalmine. The New York Times recently covered the plight of the people in Cateme following relocation. Gregor Zielke’s photos capture the company’s broken promises—unproductive farmland and poorly constructed settlements—but also the communities’ resilience. Gregor Zielke is part of a cooperative of photographers that have been working in Mozambique for some time and seek to advance dialogue and better understanding between Germany and Mozambique by producing media reports and developing educational projects.

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