Why Evolution is false.


Have you ever wondered how and why people come to a conclusion Evolution is true?

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OK, the main problems with Evolution are rather simple.

First, Evolution has become a social experiment. ‘Scientists’ and ‘Politicians’ are trying to see how much change they can cause in society. They are trying to ‘evolve’ people into their ‘image.’

Second, have you ever asked an Evolutionist a question? Honestly? A simple question? All you get are difficult answers. The more I tried to understand Evolution the more I realized two things: first, evolutionists do not know what they believe, and second, they do not know how to communicate what they believe.

You must believe, or else.

Third, evolutionary studies are not true ‘Science.’ True Science produces answers to real world problems usually in the form of engineering results. Evolution does not, although some subdisciplines of Biology are now producing Frankensteins. We will have to wait and see if the monsters of Evolution help us or destroy us.

Honestly? What has Evolution taught us, ever, or lately?

I was taught Man came from Monkeys. Then that was changed. And if you mention what I was taught, you are called ‘stupid.’ That is what Evolution taught. And that is STUPID.

I was taught the ‘Peking Man’ was the missing link. Now the Peking Man is missing, and they argue about whether or not he was a link at all.

And the list goes on. The more I studied, the more I realized how quickly Evolution changes. OK. I just do not like to change when someone else is pushing me to change.

That really makes Evolution an unattractive ideology for me to believe in. Not just a bad Theory, but a bad philosophy for me. It is not solid. It is not necessary.

Contrary to the popular argument, belief in Evolution does not make for better Science or better engineering.

So, for me, Evolution is not a Theory until it can stand on its own without changes for at least 50 years.

Is that too much to ask? I ask my cars to be able to last at least 10 years. So, shouldn’t my life philosophy last at least 50?


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