Liberal war-machine ….


I just flew through Washington, D.C., again.

And, again, the Liberal War Machine SLAPPED ME IN THE FACE …..


They HATED Bush because he was a war-monger.

I admit. Obama is quiet about his hatred of life, and his murder of people IMHO. And in a way, his murder of many causes less stress than Bush killing few.

BUT, why? What do we get out of all this killing? Do we really want millions of Arabs running around the USA? What do we get from all of them?


I doubt that.


Not enough.

Friends? What was wrong with our old friends?

I just pray our fearless leader gives our people time to absorb all the anger he has brought upon us. I pray he gives us time to get jobs to pay the taxes he FORCED on us. I pray he brings our soldiers HOME.


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