Putting Americans to work ….


I wrote about this years ago.

Sadly, our government failed America for years.

What is needed to put Americans to work?

We need businesses; we need confidence; and we need a motivation.

For years, we were taught that spending money motivated our economy to grow. So, when natural economic growth was not enough growth, the Progressives forced Banks to give risky loans. When the risky loans fell apart, Progressives blamed the previous Administration. Even though the previous Administration had warned Democrats that their risky loans were endangering the economy.

Excessive and risky spending was a dangerous motivation. And we are paying for those terrible risks.

We have businesses, but our government continues to motivate International Businesses who employee FOREIGN investors.

We need to motivate American Businesses. Small Business employs most private sector employees.

Confidence. The Propaganda Machine cannot motivate people to do the wrong thing. They continue to try, but they cannot build confidence.

Our confidence was inspired by God. In my humble opinion. To regain that, we need God to bless us again. And that requires we ask his forgiveness.

Until fear is removed, the American people will continue to vote with our pocket books. That is why we are not spending more money. We are afraid. We are afraid of our future. We need to be healed of our fear. And I personally believe that requires God. And it requires our human confidence to be restored as well.

Don’t you think so? I do. Do you?

So, how do we grow small business? How do we motivate our economy? How do we restore confidence?

Our leaders need to repent. They need to ask God to forgive them for bickering. They need to seek forgiveness for bad politics. They need forgiveness for overspending. They need to back away from overspending. They need to reduce our dependence upon government and lead the people to turn to God for his guidance and blessings.

We need to target tax rebates for those who put Americans to WORK. And we need to penalize those special interest groups who did not pay taxes, and spent money on the elections instead.

That will restore a lot of American confidence. And it will motivate Americans to be more confident.

Do you agree we need businesses? We need American confidence instead of fear? And we need proper motivation of our people and our economy?


PS. All writing guides tell me not to add a fourth point after all the other points. But, there is a fourth hidden problem. Government employees need to have their pay and retirements lowered to match the smaller incomes of the American people. So, I need to write another blog on that.

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