Diplomacy & the State of the Union

Friends, I will ramble a little today ….

For once, I would not want to be President Obama tonight.

Not because God cannot fix the problems in front of US. And I can speak upon behalf of God. That would be easy. Rather, tonight requires a couple of days to get ‘read up’ on what confronts US in North Korea.

Tonight, Obama will be outclassed by the world around him. He has led America from greatness to mediocrity in just 5 years.

I know. I know. “He inherited that from Bush.”

Yes, he did inherit a great America. I am not sure about the rest.

Fixing America is easy.

Return God to America, and let God heal the problems in America.

North Korea is a different problem.


It is not too big for God. But, determining how God wants us to deal with our historic enemy is not something which should be done lightly, much less in haste.

Politics makes for strange ‘bed-fellows.’ But, politics also makes for bad decisions. And that is the problem facing us in North Korea.

This is not Syria, or Egypt.

Those should have been easy. And we should have encouraged peace instead of ‘war and democracy’ in that part of the world.

However, Korea is more than American politicians can understand.

And the biggest single problem in that area is what China wants to happen …. Correct. China is the “tiger behind the ‘paper-tiger.'”

And right now, China does NOT want North Korea to behave.


Because China is trying to acquire territory with a lot of oil underneath it from other countries, China does NOT want North Korea to behave.

And that is what makes the problem in Asia difficult to deal with. How do we lead China to behave well? What do we do and say to get China to cooperate?

They are a real tiger. And they like to eat a lot of fresh meat.

How about another analogy?

China is like the environmental movement.

An environmentalist worries about their view of the wilderness. As long as they see it ‘as clean’ it is ok. That is why environmentalists do not go to China and actually solve some of the pollution problem in the world.

The Chinese world-view is also a perception problem. Anything China wants, China claims used to belong to them. And their perception of the world revolves around that.

Unfortunately, they forget all of that territory was acquired by war.

So, what should the President say tonight?

God knows. But, I doubt Obama is listening to God.

What do you think?


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