National Prayer Breakfast


A pastor, Ben Carson, spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast. Many people have said his content was not appropriate.

Well, I read Ben Carson’s speech. And I disagree.

His content was appropriate. He called America to account for our bad practices. God spoke through Isaiah in Chapter 23 of the Book of Isaiah in a similar manner.

However, he could have spoken better. His speech was awkward. Not much more awkward than the average President Obama speech. But, people complain about his content, and they do not complain about his method.

His points were valid. Especially his points about the massive debt.

That is the opposite of how we should address any speech. We should not complain about valid points. We should ask our leaders to meet higher standards in their public (& private) lives.

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2 Responses to National Prayer Breakfast

  1. cafeproz says:

    It seems people on all ends of the media spectrum have taken the speech away from Carson and decided to make it their own. He said his words would be taken out of context… he also mentioned a bald eagle… not sure if any of that got into the discussion.

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