Jobs, welfare, or minimum wage?


The President made his challenge for the State of the Union.

And I was surprised by all the reactions to his comment about minimum wages.

First, when did forty times the world poverty level become America’s poverty level?

People in America on welfare can afford a car, a home, and even a smart phone.

Honestly? All this whining and greed needs to QUIT.

Welfare is not an entitlement. Minimum wage should be higher than what you get on welfare. And we should grow jobs, we should not tax jobs out of our economy.

AND public welfare (government jobs) should have their pay reduced …. if you make over $40,000 working for the government, non-military, your pay should be reduced by at least 5%, 10% over $100k, and 15% over $150k.

And how about 20% over $200k?

This taxing America into weakness needs to stop. Welfare needs to be a true safety net, not a job description.


What do you think?


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2 Responses to Jobs, welfare, or minimum wage?

  1. literarylydi says:

    I think it needs to be enough to live on for those that fall on hard times, but minimum wage needs to rise to a living wage so that people aren’t better off financially out of work.

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