Why do Liberals FEAR guns?


I just came back from the range with friends.

Sitting here waiting for my Plato Mexicano – Mexican Plate – I am thinking about how strange it is that Liberals fear guns.

I do not get it.

Why is a ‘gun’ scary?

Does it represent something which scares Liberals even more?

I think so.

I think guns represent true freedom from tyranny.

By tyranny, I mean the power to take rights away from others. Jail, taxation, legal action, etc.

So, why would a Liberal fear tyranny less than guns?

Because this tyranny is their tyranny. They are part of the power group abusing others by taking from them.

They use terms like ‘Robin Hood.’ But, Robin Hood stole from the GOVERNMENT the taxes the GOVERNMENT HAD STOLEN from the people.

They call Rich People the evil people, when the greedy have always been the tax collectors.

Guns are something they cannot control. Ironically, it is not the guns, it is the people behind the guns they want to control.

Look at the way the describe the LA cop killer. Some describe him as a hero. Others call him a terrorist.

The terrorist at Fort Hood cannot be called a terrorist, because it might jeopardize the government’s case against him.

BUT, they can call a lone gunman a terrorist. He shot maybe seven people. He killed four? Five?

The police panicked and shot at least two people, so, are the police now terrorists?

Isn’t our new re-definition of everything politically incorrect? Doesn’t it cause more fear and confusion than the old way of doing things?

A gun is a gun. And a terrorist is a terrorist. A killer is a killer.

Well, I still find it odd my Liberal friends fear guns, but they do not fear their Liberal Homosexual friends raping millions of young kids ….

Do you find it odd?


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4 Responses to Why do Liberals FEAR guns?

  1. I don’t fear guns. I fear bullets, after they’ve been fired from guns. A neighbor might set one in motion accidentally, and it could come through my wall or window and kill me. I can’t find out who has guns, so I can choose to live farther away. That’s another thing to fear. Lastly, I fear people who think the government is something to arm yourself against “in case of tyranny”. Those folks don’t have the sound judgement to own a deadly weapon. And by the way, child rapists are heterosexual pedophiles by a huge margin. If mine weren’t grown, I sure wouldn’t fear danger from gays.

    • Nice response.

      Since most shootings involve intention, I doubt you need to fear a stray bullet.

      Most Patriots do not fear the government. The government fears us.

      And while there are more heterosexual pedophiles, there are more victims per homosexual. I wouldn’t fear them.

      Just reload.

  2. sally1137 says:

    Demonize and disarm the people equals more government power. Tyranny is PALPABLE these days. Anyone who doesn’t see it has their head in the sand…or in other orifices.

    Good thing Mikey is invisible…maybe they won’t be able to find him after they’ve come for all the evil rich, recknecks, gun nuts, religious wackos, people with jobs, people who disagree with them, fat people, smokers, sick people, babies, jews, etc…etc…ad nauseum.

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