Have you noticed how negative the Progressives have become?

God, family, fathers, guns, and a whole bunch of traditional things have become politically in-correct.


They claim guns are a real threat. So, I guess I can understand their thinking about guns.

But, they claim God is not real.

So, why do they spend so much time attacking the traditional God who gave them opportunity.

OK, I need to explain that.

Faith in God led the Pilgrims to risk the Mayflower voyage – half of them died that first year.

Faith in God led our Founding Fathers to write the great document we simply call the Constitution.

Faith in God led America through Civil-War; WW-1; WW-2; and countless other wars.

A higher number of atheists work for private colleges and universities than go into the military. And while the military was founded and led by godly principles, private colleges and universities were almost all started by Christians to educate pastors.

So, the vast majority of the atheists in our country enjoy the benefits given them by faith in God, but they want to deny other people the very faith which has given them great wealth.

So, why do they attack the very God who gave them opportunity?

If I moved to Mecca, and was given great opportunity, I would not spend my life trying to start a war with the local Muslims.

Would you?


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