Why would government replace Fathers?


During the State of the Union speech, President Obama claimed universal pre-kindergarten would raise all children.

But, the truth starts to come out. In Chicago and Georgia, he began to focus only on fatherless children and poor children.

Other children are not so important after all.

The White House is only concerned with poor children. President Obama even commented upon needing to make up for fathers being absent from fatherless homes.

You see, 3 million children times $15,000 per child is 45 billion dollars a year. But, those are not the numbers you will see published. That article was SLICK. It cut the cost per child in half. AND it cut the number of children by more than half ….

SCARY. Do anything you can to convince people to waste money in the manner you want it wasted …. NO MATTER THE COST, OR THE DAMAGE ….

Further, HHS studies indicate that the program will NOT WORK. Smaller studies focused upon smaller results and students have shown SOME improvement. But, when you try to find the studies or the improvement, you won’t find them. I did not find them.

Here is a blog on the costs. Again, the cost of $8,000 per student is the Federal cost, not the total cost.


So, we are told government needs to replace fathers to help poor children make up for their disadvantage.


Why replace fathers. Why not grow great fathers?


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