How do we help families?


I pointed out Obama strongly endorsed the need for better fathers.

So, how do we make better fathers?

First, tonight, I was told not to ask questions. Instead, I was told to tell you what to believe.

I may not do to good with telling you what to believe. But, I will try to ask fewer questions.


Let us compare and contrast.

We can expose our young men and boys to pornography, or we can keep them from pornography.

We can lead by good examples, or we can live bad examples.

We can praise men who fail, or we can praise men who succeed.

We can teach men to be men, or we can teach men to behave like women.

We can teach women to be like men, or we can teach women to be women.

We can praise successful families, or we can praise failures.

I don’t know about you, but I see a connection between these options.

I think the connections reduce down to something like this.

We can praise traditional family values, or we can praise the failed family values the progressives have taught us.


One question: Do you see what I see?


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