VP Biden tells women to buy guns.


You cannot make this up.

Vice President Biden went off script and told women to buy shotguns to defend themselves from rape.


Not sure.

Classic Joe Biden?

Oh, yes.

Joe Biden’s comments

Personally? He would be better if he gave good advice.

A handgun gives a woman much better protection from attackers than would a shotgun. For most women, a .38 or a heavy 9mm would be much better than a shotgun.

But, I don’t think Joe has ever been known for his great intelligence, or good advice.

What do you think?


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2 Responses to VP Biden tells women to buy guns.

  1. HiddingInPlainSight says:

    I know that Joe Biden fully supported and helped influence a bill that passed that stated that all women shall be paid the same as men if there job title is the same and the number of years employed there are the same. This makes women and me 100% equal. I don’t know if this may tie into why he may have said this, but I am sure its a GREAT possibility

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