Why won’t Obama cut welfare?


Under Obama, welfare spending doubled. Just rolling welfare spending back to pre-Obama rates would finish the stand-off over the increased spending and increased deficit.

So, I would like to know, why won’t he cut his greatly increased spending?

Why is always a simple question. And sometimes the simplicity of asking why makes people angry. But, I honestly would like to know why? I would like to know his motive.

So, let me speculate about possible motivation behind his increasing welfare so much and not reducing welfare spending.

Is he hoping he can leave greatly increased welfare spending as part of his legacy?

Does he want people to stay on welfare instead of looking for work?

Does he believe economically enslaving people on welfare is good for them?

Remember, Obama speaks about ‘a ladder to the middle class.’ So, he talks about raising people out of poverty into the middle-class.

So, again, does Obama think enslaving people on welfare is good for them?

I have heard feel good stories about people who have used welfare for a short time and then picked themselves up and moved on.

I think, Whoopie Goldberg was one person who used welfare to make it into the middle-class and on to fame.

I would like to point out, that while she was on welfare, she was working as an actress and comedienne.

But, do we really want people on welfare? Does President Obama really want people on welfare? Do we desire welfare?

So, why? Is the only purpose of welfare to bankrupt America?

Or, is there a true purpose for welfare?

IS welfare in place so people like Whoopie can work part-time and still receive welfare?

OK. If that is the case, how many people move up into the middle-class after being on welfare?

By the way (BTW), that article is worth reading.

About half the people on welfare STAY ON WELFARE. About 50% stay dependent, according to the people running welfare.

Ironically, single motherhood (absent fathers) is blamed for the leading cause of being poor and needing welfare.

So, if half are stuck on welfare, if you encourage welfare, do you want them to stay on welfare?

So, what is the purpose of welfare?

And what is President Obama’s reason for encouraging welfare instead of encouraging work?


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