Americans are angry at new higher taxes.


I have a number of friends who voted for President Obama, and they are surprised their January paychecks are lower.


Everyone discussing this during the election said one of two things. They said Obama would raise taxes; or they argued taxes being raised was just a fear tactic.


It happened. And many people are angry.

But, what about those of us who did not vote for the tax-man? What do we do?

The tax-man is after me. And I expect that. I am a middle-class, working-class, college-educated, traditional-American, white-man.

Of course, I expect the socialist, progressive, tax-man to take money out of my pocket and food off of my table, so he can waste that money and more. For every dollar he takes from me, he will borrow another dollar, just so he can waste more money.

That is just the way it has been for decades.

But, many of my fellow Americans are angry about the tax-man taking more money from them.


The only real options are:

One, suck it up and don’t complain.

Two, cry about it and do nothing.

Three, call for impeachment.

Four, expect your Congressmen to fix the wasteful tax-man – has that ever worked?

Five, quit working.

Six, don’t pay your taxes and go to jail.

Did I miss any of our options?


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