Chinese Army attacks American computers, what do you do?


The American Government has known about the Chinese Army (PLA) attacking Americans for ten years. Now we are supposed to panic.

OK. What do you do?

Well, you could place your computer on the top-secret American Government internet.

Wait. They won’t let you and I do that. They spent all that money only to protect them, not to protect us. Instead government wants more money to give people on welfare iPhones.

OK. I can repeat what you already know.

What can I do.

What can you do?

First, get a good anti-virus. Get a good firewall.

And keep your operating system updated. Keep your software updated.

What else do you do, that I and others should do?


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7 Responses to Chinese Army attacks American computers, what do you do?

  1. sethludwig says:

    A multilayered security solution is always a good option. Utilizing a properly configured firewall, antivirus, and frequent updates are obviously important, but I believe that a good training program is equally as important.

    Educate your users against the dangers of phishing and other social engineering attacks. These attacks are far more dangerous, because they exploit the human element, which is prone to mistakes. A successful social engineering attack will completely bypass every single one of your software security solutions.

    Check out my blog to read more on this subject!

  2. sethludwig says:

    Sorry to blow up your post, I just remembered another resource you can use to familiarize yourself with phishing scams:

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