How should we handle homosexual ‘marriage?’


I am a traditional Christian.

I have been attacked by homosexuals.

But, I believe in forgiveness.

And many people, especially people in the ‘gay agenda,’ would like my vote in support of homosexual relationships.

SO, I end up in a difficult position. On the one-side, I believe homosexuality to be wrong. And I believe it has little benefit to society. Further, most studies I have read indicated my belief to be at least rational. And many studies show homosexuality is not a benefit to society.

But, on the other-side, I am a realist. Homosexuality is here to stay. The homosexual lobby is powerful. And I believe in forgiveness. So, being kind to the ‘gay agenda’ is not a bad thing to me.

However, I have always required one standard as I discuss any topic. I expect fairness. On this subject, I expect fairness to our children. And especially fairness to our boys.

As I write this, and you read this, about 300,000 boys will become victims of homosexual predators.

Many people will expect a separation between homosexual predators and true pedophiles. OK. About 100,000 boys will be the victims of true pedophiles.

Those numbers scare me.

So, as I am asked to vote for homosexual relationships, I ask that our children will be protected. And I do not expect I will vote to change the definition of ‘marriage,’ only that homosexuals are entitled to some legal recognition of their relationships.

So, can I expect people pushing for gay relationships to agree that we should protect children from predators?

What do you think?


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5 Responses to How should we handle homosexual ‘marriage?’

  1. Since you didn’t give any information on where you got that 300k number from, I guess I can only offer an equally unsubstantiated opinion in reaction. Statistical databases of arrests and prison records indicate that predatory pedophiles are heterosexual males by a margin of more than 9 to 1. If your boys will be in danger, it isn’t likely to be from gay predators, but straight ones. The Jerry Sandusky or Catholic priest kind. Also, it is women and girls who overwhelmingly face dangers from rape and sexual assault, not boys. Again, the perpetrators are heterosexual males.

    If you are intent on being afraid of dangerous possibilities, you might as well be afraid of ones that are based in reality.

    • Great comment.

      And a great exercise in logic.

      However, fear is not my motivation.

      And yes, there are about nine times as many heterosexual sex offenders as there are homosexual offenders. HOWEVER, heterosexual offenders rape between 2 and 4 victims on average. The average homosexual offender rapes many times that number. One study I read indicated more than 20 victims per offender. And that was even after classifying younger children as a part of pedophilia, not homosexuality.

      So, in the final assessment all offenders are guilty. And all should be punished.

      I did not begin with fear, but I began with protection of children in mind.

      Can we agree to protect all children?


  2. ivansblogworld says:

    Very interesting topic. My partner and I have been together just over ten years. We do not want to get married. We have decided that’s its a personal choice. My partner has some serious issues with marriage and the church, and I do. It believe that for me it’s a huge issue. However we do not have children and do not want to have children. We have a legal partnership agreement, this is not the same as a civil partnership, our was drafted by a lawyer, and our wills are up to date. That is what we are comfortable with. On the issue of child violation, I agree strongly with you. It’s wrong on all levels. If its a gay person or a straight person, it’s not important. What is important is that, and violation or attempted sexual attach on children should have a zero tolerance by society. Marriage may be important to many gay people, however it’s a choice that can be made, but with the children, they have no choice. The same with bullying, rape, and women being attached in a sexual nature. In the bigger picture of things, protect those who cannot speak or are too affairs to speak.. Ivan.

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