I found a lot of money, what did I do?


Yesterday, I went to our VA hospital to file an appeal. Long story, but our government owes me a lot of money for the experiments they tried on me. The experiments failed.

As I walked in, I found some money. There weren’t many bills, but it was a lot of money. At first, I did not realize just how much money. But, inside the fifty-dollar bill, there was a second bill. That bill was one-hundred dollars.

The government owes me a lot of money. And I could really use a little reward. I thought of that as I picked up the money.

What did I do?

I picked it up and gave it to the police officer inside the building. The poor guy who they thought it belonged to could not remember much more than his name. He felt like they were shaking him down for some crime or something. They kept asking him questions about the money he dropped when he got out of the taxi. Unfortunately for him, he could not remember how much money he had.

So, they did not return the money to him.

When I read this story about the man returning a wedding ring to the woman who gave him change, I was reminded of my ‘good deed.’

Have you done a good deed lately?

Did you feel a little bit better for doing a good deed?


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