Sex, dating, or marriage?


What has happened to Americans?

Why have we been convinced that the single life is better than the married life?

Married men and women report more and better sex lives than do single men and single women.

Married men live longer; and married women in good marriages live longer. Yes, it seems women in bad marriages do not get extra years added to their lives.

But, the overall benefits of marriage are AWESOME.

Longer life.

Better lives for your children.

Better sex life.

Better finances.

Better careers.

Better homes.

Better cars.

Better spiritual lives.

So, with all the benefits, why do progressives push their agenda of destroying the family?


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2 Responses to Sex, dating, or marriage?

  1. servilia1 says:

    Each person needs to honor where they are in life. Not all marriages end well, and there have been numerous studies done that show if woman knew then what they know now they would do it different.

    • Thank you for your comment.

      Would you agree that more than half end well?

      The third that do end badly concern me. But, that is five to ten times more than ended badly 50 years ago. Much of our negative pressure on marriage has not been good for women, or men. IMHO.

      Are we mostly in agreement?


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