Why is our education so expensive?


Why has education become so expensive?

There are several reasons, as I see it.

But, there is one we can do little about. And it has hit us across the board where the government is concerned.

Our economy was forced to give away about 8 trillion dollars a year (every year) from our economy to the Asian economies. The United States of China got the most. India got a lot. And so did several other countries.

The lost tax revenue has a huge impact on us.

But, while government knew tax revenues would shrink, government continued to spend like they always had. They continued raises and building projects like there would not be a shrinking revenue.

And then, the 2008 election cycle panicked our economy. And our economy shrank. So, there was a second shrinking of tax revenue.


There was not a lot of people control in the economic problems. I don’t know if I consider politicians human – only partly joking.

However, the real problems were bigger than all that.

If the problems were not bigger, private schools would be charging $25,000 to $35,000 per year. Instead, private schools charge $5,000 to $7,000 tuition per year.

So, why have public schools raised their tuition costs so greatly, and private schools have not?

Simply? I think it was cultural fear-mongering.

Politicians, community activists, union activists, and teachers all used the guilt emotion very well as they convinced voters to consistently spend more money than was necessary.

What did they gain?

They gained a huge increase in pay for teachers compared to the general economy. From 1980 till now, each teacher is paid roughly 25% more.

There are about 3.3 million school teachers.

Now an interesting part of the agenda? Most teachers are women. Raising teacher pay at a greater rate than the rest of society is good for women.


But, a 25% increase in per teacher pay; a decrease in class size from 23 students per teacher in 1970 to about 15 per teacher (you need a lot more teachers); a rush to build ‘Taj Mahal schools’; and information technology spending have all led to huge increases in spending.

At the same time revenue should have been falling, spending went up greatly. Public education now costs much more than private education. It was not like that in the 1970’s. Public education now costs more than twice as much today as it did in the 1970’s to 1980’s.

Do I like it?


But, I understand the mechanics of the problem.

Now what do we do to reverse direction?

Cut spending.

Your school taxes are twice as much as they should be. Even if you are renting, you are paying taxes. Everyone is paying at least twice as much as we should be paying.


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5 Responses to Why is our education so expensive?

  1. yourothermotherhere says:

    I wouldn’t mind spending the taxes on education if there was something to show for it. But in truth, kids sure seem pretty stupid. Ask one to figure out how to make change in their head.

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